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Laptop Buyers Guide:
How to choose the best laptop for your needs.

One thing I want to get out of the way first. If you are thinking of getting a laptop for a child under 15 years of age, I recommend against the idea. That age group is too self-absorbed and usually causes expensive physical damage to laptops.

We service laptops for individuals, businesses and other computer professionals so we have a pretty good idea of which laptops have the most problems and which ones have the fewest.

It has been our experience that there are a few stand-outs and then, the others.

The order of ranking (in our opinion):

IBM/Lenovo          Thinkpad "T" series      Excellent

Sony                   VGN-CR120 etc.         Is my next choice
Dell, Toshiba         Popular & solid          Good bang for the $

HP/Compaq          No preference           Inconsistent reliability

*Gateway, Acer   Not my preference      We see many repairs

*  These manufacturers do have some solid models, but you have to be choosy.


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